Owner/Operators Gaylen and Ruth Thelander cooling off inside the Fastway Market beer cave!

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Since 1982


Fastway Nachos have become a Customer Favorite at this little quick stop market. When offering Nachos the Nishimoto Family knew that quality matters even on those simple items like Nachos. They found the best chip available that happened to be made right in their Home Town of Madera, California. The best flavored cheese was procured and yes even the Jalapenos are a special order. Everything comes together for the neighborhood comfort snack of choice. Make sure you stop and ask for an order of the Nachos!

Having a value priced fuel stop right in a neighborhood is convenient for many families. The Nishimoto’s know people want to have a dependable and safe place to get gas for those family and daily trips. Fastway offers Pay at the pump or Cash discounts for that daily fill up.
Fastway Market offers a variety of beer and liquor choices. As an independent location Fastway Market can bring in special items for those looking for something different. The Nishimoto Family have worked with many Local groups to help them manage their large purchases for special events. Fastway Market is the place to stop for any event needs big or small.